An advanced fleet management solution to keep tracking, monitoring & dispatching your vehicles in real time. A comprehensive fleet management platform helps your business to quickly narrow the operational cost & maximize your profit. The solution

Track, manage and automate your fleet operations

Experience the new age of Intelligent Fleet Management with CerebroX, a cloud-based solution powered by Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data that facilitates enhanced fleet tracking, autonomous dispatch and robust monitoring functions to improve savings and exponentially grow the business.

  • Improved profitability

    Improved profitability

    Empower your business decisions and improve your bottom-line results by relying on our robust analytics

  • Cloud-based approach

    Cloud-based approach

    Transform your management capabilities to match up to the fast-moving nature of your fleet operations

  • Intelligent monitoring

    Intelligent monitoring

    Analyse every facet of your business and let nothing be missed out with our intelligent monitoring solution

Utilise fleets to its maximum

Go beyond the basic tracking facilities and keep in sight of everything happening in real time to unearth the truest potential of your fleet and optimise planning.

Utilise fleets to its maximum

Cutting-edge technology designed for success

For every fleet business, knowledge of everything happening in real-time is absolute power and there can be no room for missteps. CerebroX takes out the manual inefficiencies involved in fleet management and replaces it with its connected intelligence software. Powered by revolutionary technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data, CerebroX is your answer to execute error-free operations.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Rely upon our precise autonomous functionalities to enhance your business decisions and stay proactive

  • IoT Connectivity

    Leverage on-board diagnostics to analyse vehicle’s current health and prevent any operational disruptions

  • Smart Analytics

    Utilise intelligent insights on fleet utilisation and daily productivity to make smarter business choices

Discover technology-based insights

Grasp all the trends and technologies that are making headlines in the world of fleet management.

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