karthipriya s

17 May 2018

When you are a part of a technology-driven economy, it becomes challenging to identify which of the multitudinous innovations are imperative for your business. However, the importance of on-board diagnostics for your fleet operations remains undebatable.
Back in 1970, there seemed a growing concern regarding the environmental pollution arising from motor vehicles. And so, the first on-board diagnostics system was introduced to monitor emission levels.

karthipriya s

08 May 2018

The progress of the automotive industry has been unprecedented while the advancements made in technology, astonishing. All these factors have caused a massive disruption in the mobility sector. From autonomous vehicles and technological innovations, including AI, IoT, blockchain and machine learning, the cumulative effect of these breakthrough trends will most certainly fall upon fleet management.

hitanshi D.Rathod

20 Dec 2017

Fleet operators face monumental challenges while juggling today’s customer demands, a large fleet of vehicles and mobile workforce, all by keeping operational costs to a minimum. A GPS fleet management solution is an integral part of the modern business owners who are looking to survive the competitive market and improve their return on investment.