karthipriya s

17 May 2018

When you are a part of a technology-driven economy, it becomes challenging to identify which of the multitudinous innovations are imperative for your business. However, the importance of on-board diagnostics for your fleet operations remains undebatable.
Back in 1970, there seemed a growing concern regarding the environmental pollution arising from motor vehicles. And so, the first on-board diagnostics system was introduced to monitor emission levels.

hitanshi D.Rathod

30 Apr 2018

For any logistics and other fleet-based businesses, compliance can be a complex mess. And with the introduction of the ELD mandate by the FMCSA, organizations are under immense pressure to stay compliant. With the information explosion happening in the industry, it is a challenge to gather the right details and identify the best electronic logging device solution. CerebroX makes the path easier with a complete fleet management software that meets all your compliance needs.

hitanshi D.Rathod

08 Mar 2018

“Where is all my revenue draining away?”, that’s the very question that troubles every fleet manager. In most cases, businesses seem to witness a steady flow of daily jobs and customers, but when it comes to realizing its profit, they are left with meagre earnings.
Thankfully, the modern-day fleet tracking software has given fleet managers the big picture of everything happening within the business.

hitanshi D.Rathod

06 Feb 2018

Anyone who has ever considered implementing a vehicle tracking software in their business operations has experienced certain inhibitions about it. Most of these apprehensions arise from misunderstanding and incomplete knowledge regarding fleet tracking and the myriad benefits it holds.
So let’s break down some of the most common misconceptions surrounding fleet tracking software and determine the actual advantages it brings to your business.

hitanshi D.Rathod

25 Jan 2018

The advent of automation in the logistics and transportation industry has segregated the business community into two, with one section considering it as a blessing for defeating inefficiencies while the other treating it as a potential threat that may result in the loss of jobs.
So, is the increasing adoption of vehicle tracking software the beginning of the end of human work? Let’s find out.