Marvel at the precision of our end-to-end solution

  • Marvel at the precision of our end-to-end solution

    Intelligent Dispatch

    Implement the effective dispatching software to fulfil your service commitments on time with optimised route suggestion

  • Marvel at the precision of our end-to-end solution

    Comprehensive control

    Make the most out of your resources by monitoring fleet utilisation, vehicle performance and driver behaviour

  • Marvel at the precision of our end-to-end solution

    Reduced costs

    Avoid unwanted expenses and increase your profit margin by managing and monitoring fleet and fuel costs and expenditure

Transform your business with Fleet Management Software

The foundation for better operations

How do you handle your large size operations, monitor your vehicles and drivers, ensure the highest quality of service and maintain a high profitability level, all at the same time? The answer lies with our all-in-one fleet management software that handles your tracking, dispatching and management meticulously.

  • Expedite dispatch processes with single and multiple job assignments.
  • Rely on intelligent route planning to create smart routes.
  • Implement last-minute changes with ease, without disturbing the flow.
  • Monitor live movements of all your fleets and drivers from one place.
Transform your business with Fleet Management Software

Fleet insights at your fingertips

Unless your business is aware of its fleet operations, movement and performance, it is quite impossible to bring out the most productive outcome. With CerebroX, know more about your fleets, where they are deployed, the driver assigned to the particular vehicle and its performance, all from a single platform.

  • Assign fleets intelligently based on engine performance diagnosed by OBD2 devices.
  • Ensure fleet security and prevent unauthorised use with instant alerts.
  • Maintain your fleet in the best condition by scheduling maintenance checks and inspections.
  • Receive a complete vehicle history to monitor its operations.
Transform your business with Fleet Management Software

Track drivers and curb risky behaviour

The success of your business largely depends on the performance of your workforce. So how do you motivate your drivers to derive the best output from them? CerebroXintroduces the innovative feature of ranking your drivers based on their performance. While improved driving behaviour will result in better efficiency, it will also ensure the safety of your drivers and fleet.

  • Track the current location and job assigned to a particular driver.
  • Set your own ranking system by configuring key metrics.
  • Trigger notifications for aggressive driver behaviour.
  • Monitor driver performance with detailed job history.
Transform your business with Fleet Management Software

Cost Management done the right way

The key to building a profitable business is to know all the crucial numbers that can make a huge difference in your operations. With intelligent analytics tools, our fleet management solution takes your business management strategies to the whole new level. Monitor all the business activities to make smart decisions that result in an improved return on investment.

  • Keep track of fleet expenditure (labour, fuel analytics and maintenance costs).
  • Review operations based on specific areas to identify profitable opportunities.
  • Analyse fleet utilisation reports to determine the right fleet size.
  • Choose optimised routes to reduce fuel wastage and operational costs.