Leverage insights to increase your bottom-line results

  • Leverage insights to increase your bottom-line results

    Determine the right fleet size

    Examine how your vehicles are employed to ensure maximum fleet utilisation for taking the right fleet-size decisions

  • Leverage insights to increase your bottom-line results

    Improved visibility

    Oversee all the business activities, including fleet operations, driver behaviour and job status with real-time alerts

  • Leverage insights to increase your bottom-line results

    Manage operational costs

    Keep your profits soaring high by reviewing and managing fuel expenditure, overhead costs, maintenance expenses and more

Setting the stage for smarter decision-making

Measure driver productivity

Our connected intelligence platform lets you oversee your workforce and keep track of their performance, all from one place. From electronic logging to driver gamification based on driving behaviour, CerebroX offers innovative tools to ensure your drivers are performing up to the standards. Monitor driver productivity with our comprehensive reports.

  • Check driver history to track their daily performance.
  • View the number of driving violations made by a particular driver.
  • Monitor each drivers’ hours of service and reduce overtime.
  • Maintain paperless timesheet to avoid any irregularities.
Setting the stage for smarter decision-making

Fleet utilisation analysis

Take a detailed look at your fleet operations with our analytical reports. Know where your fleet is employed, how many jobs have they completed and the progress they have made for a stipulated time period. With such crucial data at hand, your fleet managers can ensure that every vehicle is utilised to its maximum potential.

  • Review the distance travelled by each vehicle for a specific time period.
  • View the number of jobs undertaken and completed by a particular vehicle.
  • Keep track of the route deviations made by a particular fleet.
  • Analyse fleet utilisation based on predetermined metrics set by the fleet owner/dispatcher.
Setting the stage for smarter decision-making

Intelligent business analytics

CerebroX brings you one step closer to building a profitable business by providing a plethora of business analytics and advanced reporting tools. Equipped with such actionable data, your business can make better decisions to deliver quality services, improve productivity and take your business to the next level.

  • View detailed reports on specific jobs completed within a specific time period.
  • Access fuel consumption reports for a particular vehicle.
  • Analyse key fuel cost metrics and job-based fuel expenditure.
  • Identify geographical locations with maximum job frequency by relying on Heatmaps.