Plan fleet maintenance without interrupting your workflow

  • Plan fleet maintenance without interrupting your workflow

    Organise vehicle maintenance

    Avoid any disruption to your daily fleet operations by creating a regular schedule for prevention and maintenance checks

  • Plan fleet maintenance without interrupting your workflow

    Stay on schedule with alerts

    Never miss out on any of the scheduled and routine vehicle inspections by triggering reminders and alerts for your fleet

  • Plan fleet maintenance without interrupting your workflow

    Minimise fleet wear and tear

    Comply with the preventive measures to maintain your vehicle in the topmost condition and minimise vehicle downtime

A simplistic approach towards fleet maintenance

Preventive measures. Long-term benefits

Fleet performance is a crucial factor that is overlooked quite often by businesses. However, fleet downtime and reduced vehicle life expectancy can hamper your daily operations, making it a costly error. The CerebroX fleet maintenance management solution streamlines the process without interfering with your regular work commitments.

  • Create vehicle maintenance schedule and manage daily inspections with ease.
  • Plan your daily fleet assignments in accordance with the maintenance schedule.
  • Set up inspection checks based on fleet usage.
  • Assign fleets intelligently based on vehicle performance.
A simplistic approach towards fleet maintenance

Address vehicle issues immediately

There are certain business factors that are beyond our control, i.e. road accidents and vehicle breakdowns. CerebroX and its connected intelligence platform prepare your business in tackling such unforeseeable events. Our innovative approach helps in monitoring real-time activities, making us a reliable partner in deploying assistance quickly.

  • Allow drivers to add any new inspection or report any emergency situation in real-time.
  • Manage inspection requests through private messaging.
  • Utilise the GPS tracking feature to send on-time assistance to the right place.
  • Receive notifications in case of an emergency vehicle issue.
A simplistic approach towards fleet maintenance

Take advantage of historical data

Our fleet maintenance management solution assists your business in making crucial decisions by providing real-time insights on the fleet condition. Fleet managers can rely on historical fleet service reports to assign top-class vehicles for long-distance jobs and improve fleet productivity.

  • Benefit from our advanced engine diagnostics facilitated by the OBD2 devices.
  • Access maintenance and inspection history of the entire fleet.
  • Track the progress of vehicles that are sent for a maintenance check.
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance and inspection expenditure for a specific time period.