Amplify your business operations with innovation

  • Amplify your business operations with innovation

    Multiple dispatching made easy 

    Simplify your workload by importing bulk jobs and assign an available fleet and drivers with speed and efficiency

  • Amplify your business operations with innovation

    Intelligent route optimisation

    Reduce fuel costs and miles travelled by relying on advanced route planning to reach multiple pick up/drop off locations

  • Amplify your business operations with innovation

    Stay up-to-date with Notifications

    Know everything that happens in real-time with notifications for driver acceptance, job completion and so much more

Experience dispatching like never before

The modern way of Dispatch

Dispatching assignments for large fleet operations is an uphill challenge. Our dispatching solution digitalises and expedites your fleet operations with advanced features. With our innovative fleet dispatch software, dispatchers will have no trouble in scheduling jobs, monitoring real-time movements and ensuring the execution of on-time quality services.

  • Create and assign single and multiple jobs with a single click.
  • View live fleet movements and track fleets from point A to point B.
  • Assign the nearest available fleet in case of abandoned jobs.
  • Rely on digital dispatch to avoid the messy paper trail.
Experience dispatching like never before

Build cost-effective, smarter routes

How do you ensure maximum fleet utilisation by reaching your customers who are spread across multiple locations and save miles travelled at the same time? The answer lies in our route planning solution. The advanced route optimization tool makes your fleet operations quite simple by building the most effective routes to complete your daily delivery jobs without any difficulties.

  • Implement intelligent route planning by considering key business factors.
  • Create smart routes for individual workers and assigned fleets.
  • Devise route plans for jobs on a daily basis or in advance.
  • Choose optimised routes to reduce fuel and other operational costs.
Experience dispatching like never before

Improved adaptability with real-time data

When it comes to a fast-changing business environment, the key to improved results is adaptability and being informed at all times. Our Dispatching software becomes the eyes and ears of your fleet activities and improves your monitoring activities for overcoming unforeseen hurdles and making better decisions.

  • Receive real-time notification every time a driver accepts a new job.
  • Implement last-minute changes with ease, without disturbing the flow.
  • Keep tabs on job status and driver activities with instant alerts.
  • Stay in touch with your drivers via instant messaging.