Enhanced monitoring. Improved productivity

The success of a logistics company depends upon on-time delivery. CerebroX assists businesses in handling smooth delivery operations, irrespective of its size, with a complete track, dispatch and fleet management solution. Powered by its innovative features, build a reliable brand reputation by providing flawless service.

  • Track on-time delivery and vehicle location in real-time
  • Equip drivers with GPS navigation, mile-based notifications and other crucial data
  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster delivery
  • Identify areas that draw maximum business and withdraw unused fleet to improve productivity
  • Receive alerts on ignition, idle time and other vehicle and driver activities
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Transform your fleet operations with revolutionary innovation

An advanced solution for enterprise logistics, small-scale courier companies and everything in between

  • Transform your fleet operations with revolutionary innovation

    Route planning

    Set up multiple delivery and pickup locations to ensure faster delivery by covering fewer miles with route optimisation

  • Transform your fleet operations with revolutionary innovation

    Real-time alerts

    Keep track of ongoing operational activity using live fleet tracking, real-time driver monitoring and geofence alerts

  • Transform your fleet operations with revolutionary innovation

    Advanced scheduling

    Go beyond simple dispatch feature and experience advanced job scheduling to utilise your fleet and workforce optimally

Enhanced monitoring. Improved productivity

Exceeding customer expectations with CerebroX

With our robust tracking and monitoring facilities, your business will have every opportunity to meet and exceed customer expectations. Focus on time management, fleet utilisation, accurate route planning and reduced costs to push your business towards profitable returns.

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