Logistics & Transportation

Modernize the way you run your business with our fleet tracking
and management solution.

Industry Challenge

With blurring geographical barriers, organizations face rising fuel costs, complex regulatory compliances and unchecked fleet usage across widely-spread locations.

Our Solution

CerebroX introduces an intelligent platform that streamlines processes and automates fleet activities to improve visibility, reduce expenses and empower decision-making.

Transform your fleet operations with revolutionary innovation

An advanced solution for enterprise logistics, OTR, small-scale companies and everything in between

Route planning

Set up multiple delivery and pickup locations to ensure faster delivery by covering fewer miles with route optimization

Real-time alerts

Keep track of ongoing operational activity using live fleet tracking, real-time driver monitoring and geofence alerts

Advanced scheduling

Go beyond simple dispatch features and experience advanced job scheduling to utilize your fleet and workforce optimally

Enhanced monitoring. Better results

Using our fleet management software and its suite of advanced features, logistics businesses can tackle the massive amount of data and multiple fleet activities with ease. Right from vehicle location, regulatory documents, asset safety, route planning and more, stay on top of everything that is happening out in the field and within your organization.

  • Reduce idling and fuel wastage
  • Monitor vehicle location in real-time
  • Track usage to withdraw unused fleet
  • Stay compliant and lower fines

Grow your business with cutting-edge technology

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