Fleet Fuel Tracking Solution

Fuel Analytics

Tackle fuel irregularities, unauthorized use and rising fuel costs with smart insights

Manage & Monitor Fuel Expenditure

Manage fuel expenditure effortlessly

On an average, fuel expenses take up to 30% of the total business expenditure. When fuel usage goes unchecked, the costs can severely diminish your revenue. CerebroX introduces an innovative way of monitoring your fuel consumption and measuring fuel expenditure to improve your profitability.

  • Monitor job and time-based fuel use
  • Curb harsh driving to reduce wastage
  • Measure metric-based fuel costs
  • Analyze fuel expenses of your fleet

Maintain paperless fuel records

Unauthorized fuel usage and fuel theft can be detrimental to your business. Our fuel management solution digitizes the process of recording fuel fill-up data, allowing you to monitor fuel consumption and prevent any fraudulent fuel usage. Leverage our innovative features to manage your fuel budget and keep track of your expenses easily.

  • Let drivers input fuel data easily
  • Monitor fuel level to avoid theft
  • Record fuel fill-ups digitally
  • View historical fuel usage reports
Fuel Management Solution to Prevent Fraudulent Fuel Usage

Step into the world of CerebroX to improve fuel efficiency

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Extensive features for added benefits

Reduce Operational Cost & Increase Revenue

Cost Management

Increase your revenue by monitoring operational expenses, fuel costs and other business-associated expenditure.

GPS Fleet/Vehicle Tracking & Driver Behavior Monitoring

Fleet Tracking

Reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate part failures by planning fleet maintenance to avoid operations delays.

Track Driver HOS & DVIR with Vehicle Compliance


Adhere to regulatory compliances by keeping track of Driver HOS, DVIR and region-specific rules, all from one place.

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