Route Planning & Optimization

Discover how smarter routes can contribute to decreased costs and
increased opportunities

Build cost-effective, smarter routes

How do you ensure maximum fleet utilization by reaching your customers who are spread across multiple locations and save miles traveled at the same time? The answer lies in our route planning solution. The advanced route optimization tool makes your fleet operations quite simple by building the most effective routes to complete your daily delivery jobs without any difficulties.

  • Devise multi-job smart routes
  • Align routes to the specific fleet
  • Consider weather, traffic & more
  • Create route plans in advance

Leverage intelligent route planning

CerebroX reveals all the ways smarter routes can impact your overall business with its suite of powerful tools and insights. By analyzing real-time and historical data, fleet managers can formulate an effective route plan that discovers hidden ways to increase productivity and derive profitable benefits.

  • Monitor route deviations instantly
  • Replay the route taken by the driver
  • View route-based driver suggestion
  • Fewer miles, lesser fuel wastage
  • Plan better to curb overtime wages

Amplify your business operations with smarter planning

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Extensive features for added benefits

Asset Safety

Secure your valuable assets and consignments with our advanced tracking system and build trust among your customers.

Fuel Analytics

Control your fuel expenditure and avoid fuel theft by monitoring fuel usage, driver behavior and other metrics.

Smart Driver & Smart Fleet

Extract maximum fleet productivity and monitor driver behavior by analyzing individual performance, usage and more.

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